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Justin's modules
Justin's modules
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Justin Maguires module set is known as SquantumCove. Squantum Cove represents railroading along the fringes of Narragansett Bay. With few buildings and an abundance of sand dunes, reeds, marshes and eel grass, these modules offer a quiet visual break between some of the more densely structured modules on the NBR&N. The set consists of one eight foot and one five foot module. The eight footer contains twelve feet of low trestles and a turning Y that reaches out across an end-pivot swing bridge.

Justin's other module, named Annawamscutt M-O-W, is a curved, 45

maintenance -of-way facility. A narrow road crosses one mainline to reach

a cluster of very small railroad work crew shacks nestled in the sand dunes.

Justin's eight footer

Justin is the first in our group to venture into FreeMo. Below are some pictures of his FreeMo modules.